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Make Partnerships succeed - Startup Story Posterlab

Hochschule Worms, A12517.05.2022 17:00 - 18:30 Uhr
  • Veranstalter: Hochschule Worms

Guests: Sébastien Charles & Carsten Blau, Co-Founders "Posterlab"

At the third Founders' Tuesday, you can once again listen to an exciting Startup story and the experiences of a Startup founder. On this evening you will get to know Sébastien Charles and Carsten Blau (CTO), who built up the Startup "POSTERLAB".

"Companies recognize the importance of partnering for futures revenues, but they face a common challenge: though they build strategies centered on external innovations and collaborations they are doing so with organizations built to bring internally developed products and services to market." Kelsey Glatz and David Chapnick from Vantage Partners, How good at partnering are we?

Posterlab´s goal is to provide easy access to the ecosystem of potential partners (organizations and individuals) and their capabilities. By doing so, it provides you with the tools and services for better collaboration, differentiating PosterLab from traditional solutions.

Team & Expertise
"Our complementarity is our #1 asset."
The 3 co-founders, Santi Porta, Carsten Blau and Sebastien Charles put together their capabilities in software development, product design, innovation and partnership management to develop a unique solution.

In addition to the 3 different cultural (German, French, Spanish) and experience backgrounds of the founders, they are supported by a highly international team (8 nationalities from 4 different continents) as well as an Expert & Scientific Committee. The latter help them to validate the assumption ad the solution market/fit.

Photo: posterlab.co

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